Media and Information (BS)

Media and Information (BS)

Coursework and experience leading to a media and information degree provides students with opportunity to specialize in radio and television, new media, film production, game design, information and communication technologies, and media management. We offer B.A. and B.S. options, with the B.S. requiring additional study in social science, math and computer science.

The Media and Information department is an interdisciplinary community of researchers, creators and teachers within MSU's College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Our specialty labs enable students to acquire and apply knowledge, debate policy and regulation, collaborate, innovate and design technologies, and research the effects of communication technologies.

Uncommon Pursuits.

Graduates in media and information are in high demand and have found jobs in settings related to media, digital arts and communication technologies. Graduates are prepared to design high impact media products; apply state-of-the-art tools, practices and techniques; use current and emerging media to fuel innovation; address pressing social issues and themes; and interpret, critique and understand the history, socio-cultural patterns and ethical implications of media technologies.

Alumni work at:

  • Facebook
  • Electronic Arts
  • ESPN
  • CBS
  • Discovery
  • GE
  • Ford

Alumni work as:

  • Writers
  • Researchers
  • Social media managers
  • Health care technologists
  • Game developers
  • Marketers
  • Directors

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