Sociology (BS)

Sociology (BS)

Sociology is the study of how society shapes us and how we shape society. From the development of the self to the functioning of large institutions like religion and higher education, from experiences of immigrants in a new country to development and dissemination of movies and music, sociologists seek ways to explain complex and fascinating links between individuals and groups, organizations, communities, and societies in which we live. The Department of Sociology creates and disseminates sociological knowledge and has a strong commitment to undergraduate education.

Uncommon Pursuits.

Graduates in sociology (BS) pursue careers in a range of industries, excelling in jobs that demand deep knowledge of research, human behavior, intercultural communication, and community relations.

Alumni work at:

  • Amazon
  • American Red Cross
  • Community Mental Health
  • MSU - Institute for Public Policy and Social Research
  • Muskegon River Youth Home
  • Turning Point Youth Center
  • United States AmeriCorps VISTA

Alumni work as:

  • Mortgage Bankers
  • Residential Relief Technicians
  • Technical Recruiters
  • Youth Service Workers

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