Complete placement exams

All entering freshmen at Michigan State University are required to take the online math placement exam before attending an International Academic Orientation Program (AOP). Students who have studied a foreign language prior to MSU who wish to continue study must also complete a foreign language placement exam.

For students enrolling in the fall, it is requested all tests be completed by May 6, to allow advisers time to preregister students in courses at the appropriate skill level. Students enrolling in spring and summer semesters must take the exam prior to attending AOP.

Students unable to take the test online prior to AOP or those who wish to demonstrate competency to waive requirements must take the appropriate proctored placement exam during AOP.

Math placement testing

Students may take the math placement exam online. Students seeking to improve their score may retake the test a second or third time with a four-week waiting period between exams. Students who have taken the math placement exam online are welcome to take the proctored exam at AOP if they wish to attempt to improve their score. Students may not take the math placement exam after attending AOP.

Students with transferable math credit at a specific level, Advanced Placement (AP) math credit or strong ACT/SAT math scores may be exempt from the math placement exam.