Submit deposit

All students who plan to attend Michigan State must submit the $250 Advanced Enrollment Deposit (AED). Submitting your deposit holds your place in the entering class and registers you for a required International New Student Orientation (INSO). Before submitting your AED, you must first activate your MSU NetID and email account by logging in to your account.


Freshman students planning a fall semester enrollment should submit an AED as soon as they have decided to enroll at MSU, but no later than May 1. The AED is refundable upon written request until May 1. MSU reserves the right to cancel your admission if you do not submit your AED by May 1.

Any student planning to enroll for either the spring or summer semester should submit the AED within four weeks of the date of admission.

The deadline for submitting your AED may change based on factors such as space availability and time of year.