Spring 2021 (January) Freshman FAQs

This information is only applicable for spring 2021 students.

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Is there an opportunity that I can start at MSU in the fall of 2020?
You are guaranteed a spot at Michigan State for the spring semester 2021, starting in January. Due to the high number and overall strength of this year's applications, we cannot offer you a spot in our fall class at this time. In the event space becomes available, you will be notified through your account. Final notification of fall admissions will be on or before June 30, 2020. I was granted admission for spring 2021. What do I do next?
You must log in to your account to accept your offer for spring 2021. All required next steps are detailed on the next steps section of our website. If I plan to enroll for spring 2021, am I required to take courses at another school during the fall?
You are not required to take courses at another school in the fall; however, it is highly recommended. Students taking classes at another institution have the opportunity to keep progressing towards the completion of their academic program by transferring credits. Students must perform well in classes in order for them transfer in for credit. You must earn above a 2.0 overall cumulative college GPA or forfeit your spring admission offer. If I'm attending another school in the fall, what courses should I take?
It is recommended you enroll in classes that will assist you in being better prepared to transition into MSU. These are our recommendations; they are not requirements. We encourage you to work with the academic adviser at your chosen institution to help you select the appropriate courses. We recommend taking an entry-level course in math, social sciences or humanities. Once you have selected courses, use our Transfer MSU system to see transferrable credits by individual institutions. Can my admission offer be withdrawn?
Yes. While you have been offered admission for the spring semester 2021, this admission offer can be withdrawn in situations when your academic performance was poor. For this reason, it is recommended that you work closely with your academic adviser at the school you choose to attend in the fall, and take your course work seriously. If you decide to take courses at an institution this fall, you are required to achieve an overall collegiate GPA of at least 2.0 in order to enroll for spring 2021. Students who have poor performance in college credits should notify our office immediately and not wait until their orientation date to determine their admission eligibility. When do I need to send my final high school transcript to MSU?
You can request a final transcript now through Parchment before the school year is over. This final high school transcript must be submitted to the Office of Admissions by June 30, 2020. This transcript must include the month, day, and year of your graduation. Poor performance during your senior year can result in your offer of admission being rescinded. MSU prefers to receive high school transcripts through an electronic delivery service, such as Parchment. Transcripts that are faxed or emailed are not acceptable. I took an AP test in high school. I got credit for it at the community college I attended in the fall. Can I now get credit for it at MSU?
Official copies of all AP test scores must be sent directly to Michigan State University in order for academic credit to be awarded. If your AP test score meets MSU's minimum AP score requirements, then academic credit and/or a course waiver may be awarded. Community colleges and other institutions may have different minimum score requirements, so please send AP test scores directly to Michigan State. All test scores should be sent to MSU by the end of October to allow ample time for processing. A list of AP scores that qualify for academic credit or a course waiver, the amount of academic credit these scores can grant a student, and the MSU course requirements that AP tests can satisfy is available online. This website also has information in regard to Higher Level International Baccalaureate assessment scores and other testing transfer credit opportunities. When will I register for classes at Michigan State?
You will register for spring 2021 classes during your Academic Orientation Program (AOP), which takes place in early January 2021. During orientation, you will have an opportunity to meet with an academic adviser who is assigned to you based on your declared major or area of interest. Prior to the beginning of the spring semester, information about orientation will be included in your admitted student packet sent to your home address in October. When will I hear about my financial aid package?
In order to receive financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have not completed a FAFSA, and are interested in receiving financial aid, please do so as soon as possible. Financial aid information will be sent to your MSU email account approximately one month after you receive your admitted student packet. These packets are typically mailed to students' home addresses in October. Will there be residence hall space available in the spring?
Yes. There will be space for residents arriving on campus for spring semester 2021. Housing reservation information is included with the admitted student packets that will be mailed in October. Will I be required to live on campus when I enroll in spring 2021?
Yes. All first-year students are required to live on campus. Living in a residence hall is a wonderful way for incoming students to become acquainted with MSU's campus. Local students, however, may opt to commute from their permanent home. My friend starts classes in fall 2020. Can we be roommates when I start in spring 2021?
The primary goal of Residence Education and Housing Services is to ensure that spring 2021 students receive placement in on-campus housing in a timely fashion. Students who move into a residence hall in the fall have the first opportunity to make room changes in the spring. It is possible to be placed with a roommate of your choice, provided they have space available within their current room or they are open to moving to a different room, in order for you to become roommates. Is there anything else that I need to do?
Yes. Besides doing well in any college-level coursework that you may choose to take in the fall, you should follow all the steps outlined in the next steps list. Additionally, you will need to submit your Advanced Enrollment Deposit (AED) by October 31, 2020. You cannot submit your AED until your admission status for spring is official; this will happen in early October 2020. It is extremely important to submit your AED in a timely fashion, or you will run the risk of forfeiting your space for the spring 2021 incoming class. Will my major still be available at MSU in January 2021?
Most majors are available to students beginning their time at MSU during Spring semester. However, please note the following exceptions:
  1. The Lyman Briggs College is not available for students beginning their enrollment in spring, and the Office of Admissions will change the major of these students with an interest in the Lyman Briggs College. The change will be reflected in the student's portal.
  2. The James Madison College is usually unavailable to students beginning their enrollment in January, although space may be an option this year. If spring 2021 space is unavailable for students who selected James Madison College on their application, the Office of Admissions will change their major.
  3. Spring admitted students interested in switching into a major in the College of Music: the earliest time to do so would be the fall of 2021. You would need to submit a College of Music application by December 1, 2020 for an admissions audition in January or February of 2021.
  4. Students who will have 28 or more college credits completed before the beginning of spring 2021 should review our limited enrollment program information, as that will indicate whether the student's credentials will be subject to an additional review process.
It is important to know that the selection of the aforementioned majors will not affect a student's admission status with MSU.