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Undergraduate applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Space is filled on a first-come, first-served basis; applications are accepted until such time as space is no longer available. Applicants are advised to submit an application as soon as possible for their desired semester of enrollment.

Online applicants create a password and are issued an Applicant ID. This enables you to save your application and submit it when you are ready. The application fee (or application fee waiver if you are eligible) is required to officially submit your application for admission.

Freshman Applicants

The 2016 freshman application for admission closed at midnight on Friday, April 1, 2016. Michigan State University uses rolling admission and only accepts applications as long as space is still available. The freshman application for fall 2017 will open by August. Prospective freshman students should submit an online application as soon as possible in their senior year of high school and by November 1 for maximum scholarship consideration.
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Transfer Applicants

The application for admission to Fall Semester 2016 for transfer applicants opened November 16, 2015.

The amount of interest has far exceeded the amount of space available for transfer students in recent years. As such, there may be semesters for which prospective transfer students are unable to submit an application for admission.

Prospective transfer students should review the transfer application instructions and admission criteria.
Learn more about the timeline for admission and deadlines

Graduate Applicants

Graduate students must also apply online. Prospective graduate students who have trouble applying online should contact the Graduate School at Start your online application now

Personal Statement

The Personal Statement is part of Michigan State's undergraduate application for admission. As part of the application, each applicant is required to submit a short essay of up to 400 words from a list of designated topics. This statement may be considered as a positive factor to enhance admissibility, as well as for scholarship consideration. Personal Statement topics on the 2016 application for admission are:

  1. Michigan State University recognizes that an assortment of interests, viewpoints, and life experiences are important in student learning and enhance the university community. Describe an experience, passion, or characteristic that illustrates what you would contribute to the MSU community and how this will add to the overall richness of campus life.

  2. Describe a significant experience from the past two years which required you to interact with someone outside of your own social or cultural group (ethnic, religious, geographic, socioeconomic, etc.). How did this impact you? What did you learn and what surprised you?

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