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MSU study abroad in South Africa.

MSU study abroad in South Africa.

Michigan State University is located in East Lansing, Mich., which is in the Eastern time zone and observes daylight-saving time.

The Office of Admissions is located in Room 250 of the Hannah Administration Building, west of the intersection of Farm Lane and Auditorium Road.

The MSU Union, where daily admission presentations and campus tours begin, is located between Grand River Avenue and Circle Drive on Abbott Road.

Visitors attending admission presentations and tours at the MSU Student Union may use the visitor parking lot north of Spartan Stadium (62W) or other visitor parking on campus. You can view on-campus parking options by visiting and selecting the “visitor parking” icon in the left-hand menu. Please note that MSU does not validate visitor parking; on-campus guests will be responsible for any parking costs incurred while visiting campus. Visitors should not park at the metered spaces near the MSU Student Union, as there will not be sufficient time between activities to refill the meter with money. (Please note that MSU is not responsible for parking tickets and is not able to provide change for parking meters.)

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View walking directions from the visitor parking lot to the Office of Admissions and MSU Student Union

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