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Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling students at Michigan State University filming a video with multiple cameras, lighting, and a boom mic. 

Interested in a degree in digital storytelling?

Students who pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in digital storytelling learn about digital media technology and the creative tools and techniques needed for a career in a media-focused world. You will gain creative and critical thinking skills and an understanding of media production, media industry standards and the business environment. The major also focuses on diversity, inclusion and cultural perspectives.

The digital storytelling major has an interdisciplinary focus with courses from communication arts and science, film studies and journalism. Concentrations in the digital storytelling major include animation, audio storytelling, documentary, filmmaking and production.


Graduates with a degree in digital storytelling pursue careers in a range of industries, including film, television, corporate communications, digital advertising, new media and anything that involves using sound and images to entertain, inform and/or educate.

Alumni work at: 

  • Paramount Pictures
  • Discovery Networks
  • Skywalker Sound
  • Pixar
  • National Public Radio

Alumni work as: 

  • Film producer
  • Editor
  • Television director
  • Podcast producer
  • Animator

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