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Career interest areas


The career interest areas below are not majors, but rather general categories that include majors. For example, if you like learning languages, visit the social and cultural studies career interest area. Or if you’d like to be a doctor someday, check out the health sciences career interest area. Please note that exploratory is also a major you can choose on the MSU application if you are undecided.

Agriculture and environment

For students interested in feeding the world and responsibly using the natural resources around us.

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Art, communication and entertainment

For students interested in using media, writing and art to produce creative content and tell stories.

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Business and management

For students who enjoy working with others and using critical thinking skills to solve everyday problems.

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Education and public services

For students who work well with people of all ages, races, and abilities within a community.

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Health sciences

For students who are driven to improve the quality of life for people and/or animals using science.

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Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)

For students interested in researching and analyzing the world around us to solve everyday problems.

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Social and cultural studies

For students who are interested in helping others, providing a service or exploring the world around them.

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