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Graduate applicants

Michigan State University has a decentralized graduate admissions process. Applicants should contact the department/program of their interest to find out program requirements, deadline dates and admissions procedures before filling out an application.

A department and program directory is available to find appropriate contact information.

A listing of interdisciplinary programs can be found on the interdisciplinary programs page.

Graduate degrees

Admission to a graduate degree program (DMA, EdS, MA, MFA, MM, MS, PhD) begins with the completion of the graduate student application for admission, submission of the application fee, and any additional requirements as determined by the college or department of the major. This same department reviews the application and determines the final admission decision.

You may submit up to two (2) applications to different graduate majors in the same semester. Each must be accompanied by a full set of documents as required by MSU and the individual graduate programs. Each application requires payment of the application fee.

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Graduate certificates

Students applying to one of the Graduate Certificate programs should complete a Graduate Certificate application.

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Professional degrees

To apply for a professional degree program (such as DNP, DO, DVM, MBA, MD, JD), you will need to complete the appropriate application for admission. Unlike general graduate applications, most professional degrees have a separate application and specific requirements through their corresponding college. The only exceptions to this are the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree (DNP) and the MBA, which can be applied to through the general graduate application.

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The college that offers the program will review your application and make the final admission decision.