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International student scholarships

The following scholarships are awarded to incoming first-year students with non-U.S. residency status. Unless otherwise noted, the application for admission is all that you need to submit in order to be considered for each award. 

Please note:
  • Students must be admitted prior to Feb. 1 in order to be considered for first year scholarships. Applying by the Nov. 1 early action deadline guarantees a decision by January 15. 
  • Only a limited number of students who are considered will receive offers for any of the following scholarships.
  • Meeting the criteria for an award does not guarantee that an offer will be made. 

All specific scholarship award amounts are listed in U.S. dollars. See the international scholarship regulations for further details regarding these awards. If you were admitted for a term prior to 2024, please refer to our previous international scholarship regulations.

Admissions scholarships

MSU Non-resident Scholarship
The MSU Non-resident Scholarship has four award levels granted high-achieving students based on their academic performance, with consideration given to the overall rigor and success within their curriculum. All international students admitted to MSU are automatically considered for this award. Scholarship decisions for the MSU Non-resident Scholarship will be released by mid-February.

Award levels
President's Scholarship: $15,000
Provost's Scholarship: $12,000
Dean's Scholarship: $10,000
1855 Scholarship: $7,000
Beaumont Tower Scholarship: $5,000 
Global Community Scholars Scholarship: $3,000

#YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship (supplemental application required)
This grant is awarded to a select group of international undergraduate students who demonstrate a commitment to furthering the #YouAreWelcomeHere message by bridging intercultural divides. It covers $25,000 towards tuition annually, renewable for eight semesters. The #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship application is required. Log in to your account to access the application. This scholarship cannot be stacked on top of the MSU Non-resident Scholarship.

Red Cedar Scholarship
Awarded to dependents or grandchildren of Michigan State University alumni; $1,250 annually, renewable for eight semesters.

Presidential Study Abroad Scholarship
Awarded for use with an MSU-sponsored or co-sponsored study abroad program outside of the United States; $3,000 or $5,000, depending upon the length of the program. Award must be used with the first eight semesters of enrollment as an undergraduate at MSU or before completion of the undergraduate degree, whichever occurs first.

Honors College scholarships for high-achieving students

In order to be eligible for the following scholarships, you must be an incoming first-year student who has been invited to the Honors College. There is no separate application process for the Honors College. All students who apply to MSU will be considered for the Honors College. Visit the Honors College website to learn more about their selection process. Consideration for these awards is automatic, and no additional applications are required. In some cases, a limited number of awards is available.

Honors College Excellence Scholarship
Awarded to a select group of non-Michigan residents and international students who are Honors College invitees. The Excellence Scholarship awards $13,000 annually over eight semesters.

Professorial Assistantship
Offered to a select number of international and homeschooled Honors College invitees based on a holistic review of their individual academic records. Domestic students are also eligible for this offer, however their eligibility is based on having a GPA that places them in the top 5% of applicants to MSU from their respective schools. Professorial Assistants receive an annual stipend of approximately $3,500 for working 8-10 hours per week on faculty-mentored research or scholarly activity, renewable for four semesters.* Visit the Honors College website for more information about the Professorial Assistantship program.

Honors College Distinction Scholarship
Awarded to non-resident Honors College invitees who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents or citizens of Canada or Mexico; $5,000 annually; eight semesters.

*Fall and spring semesters during undergraduate enrollment