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Human resources and labor relations

A human resources degree provides a general social science understanding of the complex nature of people and work. The human resources and labor relations major at MSU focuses on workforce education, training and development; laws governing employment and workplace rights; human decision-making and behavior in the labor market and workplace; and organizational strategies, policies and practices governing and influencing employee outcomes and performance.


Graduates with a human resources degree pursue careers in a range of industries, excelling in jobs that demand deep knowledge of employee motivation and performance, work attitudes, leadership and negotiations.

Alumni work at: 

  • Al Ahali Bank of Kuwait
  • Departments of transportation 
  • PM Environmental 
  • Prein&Newhof 
  • Professional sports organizations 
  • Government agencies 
  • Marketing firms 

Alumni work as: 

  • Consultants
  • Marketing advisers
  • Health care professionals
  • Real estate professionals and advisers 
  • Urban and regional planners 

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