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View of a student pursuing a degree in Spanish on education abroad — golden streetlights illuminate a Spanish city at night.

Have you considered pursuing a major in Spanish? 

The Spanish major encompasses the richness and diversity within the Spanish language, literature and cultures. It provides opportunities for immersion in Spanish-speaking cultures through a required education abroad language immersion experience. 
Students who have studied Spanish in high school and are interested in a degree in Spanish must take a placement exam before enrolling for Spanish classes. Students who would like to earn teacher certification may apply to the teacher education program during their sophomore year.


Graduates with a degree in Spanish pursue careers in a range of industries, excelling in jobs that demand deep knowledge of culture and language, communications, history and international affairs.

Alumni work at: 

  • Amazon
  • General Motors
  • Penguin Group
  • Fulbright Commission
  • Global CIO Media
  • Spectrum Health
  • Capital Area Community Services

Alumni work as: 

  • Operations coordinators 
  • Translators/interpreters 
  • Human resources assistants 
  • Managers of inclusion and diversity 
  • Sales and business consultants 
  • English language teachers
  • Account executives

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