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An anthropology major measures a human skull at a desk with an imaging program pulled up on his computer.

Anthropology takes culture as its central object of study, giving students a framework for viewing culture in the context of the natural world and evolutionary processes. Anthropologists also study the organization of social life, as well as symbolic and ideological systems. Anthropology views the world of human culture as a natural laboratory in which diverse historical experiments have occurred and are occurring.


The study of anthropology contributes to the preparation of students for careers in education, medicine, business and industry, government service, and institutions in which a broad knowledge of human relations is important. 

Alumni work at: 

  • Detroit Business Consulting
  • Family Futures
  • Ingham County
  • QEK Global Solutions
  • University of Michigan Health System

Alumni work as: 

  • Account Representative
  • College Advisor
  • English Teacher
  • Family, Child, Infant Advocate
  • Sales Associate

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