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History: social studies education

A black-and-white photo of social science education students walking up the stairs in a building on campus.

Our social studies education program provides a comprehensive pathway for the aspiring history teacher, as well as students looking to earn a well-rounded education in history, social sciences, research; and oral, written and digital communication. Collaborating with the College of Education, students receive specialized training tailored to the demands of modern education. By combining elements of history and social sciences, graduates emerge with a deep understanding of both subjects, positioning them as versatile professionals in today's job market.


Whether pursuing a future as a history teacher or seeking roles in education, research, or other fields, graduates with a social studies education degree excel in a wide range of industries, . 

Alumni work at: 

  • Chrysler Corporation
  • Detroit Tigers
  • General Electric
  • Hope Network
  • Jackson National Life Insurance
  • Prime Research
  • Union Pacific Railroad

Alumni work as: 

  • Educators
  • Business analysts
  • Case managers
  • Community resource advisers
  • Human resources coordinators
  • Treatment specialists
  • Youth advocates 

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