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James Madison College

A professor instructs a small table of James Madison College majors in front of a wall of packed bookshelves.

James Madison College is an undergraduate, residential college for students interested in public and international affairs. James Madison College majors are international relations, comparative cultures and politics, social relations and policy, and political theory and constitutional democracy. 

James Madison is a restricted major, so students are encouraged to apply early for admission. Transfer students applying for James Madison College should first review the additional requirements on our restricted majors page.


James Madison College graduates have acquired a wide variety of jobs with employers ranging from the U.S. government to social and popular media outlets, private business ventures, and cultural and nonprofit organizations. They also pursue a wide range of graduate and professional degrees, including law, education, nonprofit administration, public policy, public health, communication, cultural studies, environmental studies, media studies, anthropology, social work and business. 

Alumni work at: 

  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • Google
  • The New York Times
  • Peace Corps
  • United Nations

Alumni work as: 

  • Diplomats
  • Consultants
  • Educators
  • Government Affairs Specialists
  • Policy Analysts

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