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Mathematics, Advanced

Four math majors face the front of a classroom and examine an advanced mathematics equation written on the chalkboard.

A Bachelor’s degree in advanced mathematics provides students with a strong mathematical foundation in problem solving and mathematical proof. Extensive mathematics is completed beyond the requirements for a standard degree in mathematics.  

Material is presented at an honors level to challenge students so that they can advance in their mathematical understanding. Program admittance is at the discretion of the department, and students enrolling are often looking to transition into graduate studies in a field requiring an extensive mathematics background.  

A Bachelor of Arts in advanced mathematics requires more of a foreign language competency than a Bachelor of Science degree. Students who plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in advanced mathematics can also choose to complete this major through Lyman Briggs College


Graduates in advanced mathematics pursue careers in a range of industries, excelling in jobs that demand deep knowledge of advanced mathematics theory and application. 

Alumni work at: 

  • Banks
  • Engineering firms
  • Government agencies
  • Health care insurance and managed care agencies
  • Information technology companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment firms

Alumni work as: 

  • Actuaries
  • Biostatisticians
  • Budget analysts
  • Development engineers
  • Mathematics analysts/programmers
  • Software engineers
  • Systems analysts

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