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Education and public services

Innovative teacher education programs, outstanding faculty, relationships with community organizations, and strong research opportunities make MSU a dynamic place for studying education and public services. Spartans have an enduring commitment to help society, through our mission of social justice and positive change. Our close proximity to the Michigan State Capitol Building and state government is an added bonus for students interested in public service.

Schools and districts from across the nation come to MSU to recruit our graduates. Our five-year Teacher Preparation Program, which culminates in a year-long, post-graduate internship, sets our students apart by ensuring that participants get more than 1,000 hours of classroom experience. We have many successful alumni working in settings like schools, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and health care agencies, governments, automotive companies, social services and more.

Overview of education and public service

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university for elementary and secondary education (U.S. News & World Report)

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Studying education and public services at Michigan State University

There are countless ways to pursue the study of education and public services at Michigan State. You do not necessarily have to be in MSU's College of Education to prepare yourself for a teaching career or a career in public services. There are many majors across the different colleges at MSU that offer education on these topics. Whether your interests lie in teaching, politics, criminal justice or other related fields, there is sure to be a major at MSU that fits your career interests.

Take a look at the academic opportunities below to see how you can customize your study of education and public services at MSU to suit your goals and passions.

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