Application checklist

  • Submit one application for admission
  • Pay the $65 nonrefundable application fee using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or an electronic check.
  • Have your official transcript(s) sent directly from each school or institution attended to MSU. This includes all high school transcripts as well as transcripts from any dual enrollment or early/middle college programs. Many schools send transcripts to colleges through an online service such as Parchment, Coalition App, Common App, Naviance, eScrip-Safe or SPEEDE/National Student Clearing House. Schools that do not have access to these services may send official paper documents via U.S. mail to the Office of Admissions.
  • If you anticipate the completion of any college-level coursework prior to attending MSU, it is recommended that you indicate this on your application or contact the Office of Admissions to let us know.
  • MSU does not require letters of recommendation as part of the application for admission.

An application to MSU is complete when all of the steps above are completed and all documents are received by MSU.

Application validity

Applications are valid for one year beyond the semester for which the application is submitted. It is not necessary to submit a new application or application fee during this period. To be considered for an alternate semester, change your semester by logging on to your account.

Home school applicants

MSU welcomes home school applicants and reviews each application using the same admission criteria used for traditional high school students. Home school students are required to submit all of the application materials listed above, including a transcript. Although the transcript of a home school student may be different than that of a traditional high school student, it should list all courses (including those in progress) from ninth to 12th grade and the time frame (year and semester) of each course. In addition, an assessment of performance (a letter grade, percentage, etc.) is needed. Occasionally, home school applicants are asked to submit additional information describing curriculum or texts used.

Early/middle college applicants

MSU also accepts applications from students who are in early/middle college programs. An early middle/college student should apply as a freshman if they plan to attend MSU immediately after receiving a high school diploma. This includes students who receive a high school diploma at the same time as an associate degree. Visit our early/middle college applicant page for complete details about applying to MSU.