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Student activities

Michigan State students setting off on kayaks at a local lake.

Explore your passions with the Spartan community

College is an exciting time — especially for Spartans. Every day at Michigan State University, you’ll have the chance to discover new things about yourself and the world. You’ll meet interesting people from around the globe, make new friends that will become old ones, explore passions in and out of the classroom, attend once-in-a-lifetime events and participate in activities you already love and some you’ve just discovered. And that’s just your first week on campus.

At Michigan State, you’ll have plenty of options for balancing your academic life with your social life. The hard part is deciding what to choose.

Clubs and organizations

Getting involved starts with getting informed.


Athletics and recreation

Here, you're part of Team Spartan.


Arts and culture

It's in the eye of the beholder.