Health and wellness

MSU is committed to providing a healthy campus climate for students to achieve overall wellness.

MSU is tobacco-free. A tobaccofree policy aligns with our efforts to create the healthiest academic and workplace environment possible at MSU. Tobacco-free MSU FAQs, information about enforcement, copies of the ordinance, policy, toolkits, and more are available at

Olin Health Center—the primary health care facility for MSU students—is home to primary care, psychiatry, allergy/immunization, sports medicine and health education services. Laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and physical therapy facilities also are located at Olin. MSU students are not charged for the first three medical office visits of each academic year.

Students also have the option of receiving primary care services in the residence hall neighborhood clinics located in Brody, Holden, Hubbard and McDonel halls.

Services through the MSU Counseling Center are available to provide support for personal concerns such as stress, depression or relationship issues.

Health education resources

Many additional resources are available to students to address academic impediments, such as sleeplessness, stress and illness, as well as fitness, nutrition and sexual wellness to help students succeed at MSU. A full list of health education resources is available through Olin Health Center. 

Tobacco-free MSU FAQs, information about enforcement, copies of the ordinance, policytoolkits, and more are available at

Health insurance coverage

MSU offers a student health plan for purchase. All international students are required to have health insurance.