Safety is important to Michigan State University, and all members of the campus community—students, faculty, and staff—are encouraged to take an active role in preventing and reporting incidents that jeopardize safety on and around campus.

Michigan State has more than 80 sworn police officers certified by the State of Michigan on campus. Additional campus safety and security services include late night transport/escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones, lighted pathways/sidewalks and controlled residence hall access.

Our Commitment

MSU is committed to cultivating a safe and inclusive campus community characterized by caring and respect for others. This promise extends to you whether you are a student, faculty or staff member, patient or visitor.

Emergency alert system

In accordance with the Clery Act, the MSU Police Department operates an emergency notification system through email, text message or voice message to phones with campus safety warnings and information. Parents and guardians are welcome to subscribe to MSU Alerts to receive the same messages.

The MSU campus also is equipped with a mass notification outdoor speaker system to launch severe weather warning sirens and/or an audible message detailing actions to take.

Residence halls

Residence hall rooms feature hard-wired smoke detectors and fire-rated room and wing doors. Residents regularly participate in fire drills. All room doors have peepholes, and night receptionists are in place to see that only building residents or guests signed in by residents and taking responsibility for them are allowed in the building after hours. All halls have security cameras in the lobby.

Late night safety

In addition to MSU’s extensive campus bus system, the Night Owl service provides late night transportation on campus after the buses stop running at 2 a.m. In addition, students can use StateWalk, an on-campus nighttime walking service in which pairs of volunteers will walk with individuals between on-campus destinations.